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Sick of your cleaning 's "communication" binder? 
We have seen some on accounts we took over that hadn't been touched in a decade!  At KCB we do it different!  See how KCB Cleaning Services LLC can use  technology to improve the cleaning at your business today!

Don’t let an untidy office hurt your business

First impressions are key when customers come into your small business office. Dusty counter tops, unpolished or dingy floors and dirty bathrooms reflect on your business or practice. An office that is clean and inviting for your customers is imperative to the success of your business. 

Running a business is a full time job in itself and you don’t have time in your busy day to clean your office. That’s where we come in. KCB Cleaning Services provides professional Commercial Cleaning Services for your small business office. We have a professional trained staff that comes to your office or business after hours to make your office a space you can be proud to show your customers. 

24/7 Exceptional Cleaning Services

Our team will come to your office after hours and on weekends to get the job done. Our professionally trained janitors will clean your business when you and your customers aren’t around so you can run your business without distraction. There’s nothing worse than trying to provide excellent customer service with loud vacuums running in the background, so avoid it altogether by hiring KCB Cleaning Services. We promise to make your office squeaky clean without hindering your daily routine. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!

KCB Cleaning Services is a great solution for:

Doctor's Offices
Lawyer's Offices
Insurance Agencies
Hair Salons
Accountant Offices
Flower Shops
And any other small businesses

Cleaning Management Institute trained janitors

You want the best in everything for your small business, so why stop at cleaning services? Each of KCB Cleaning Service’s professional cleaners are expertly trained by the Cleaning Management Institute in the best cleaning techniques and cleaning solutions on the market. You can trust that your office is going to be cleaned the right way and with the right materials and chemicals. Don’t let just anyone clean your business, let the professionals handle it. Call KCB Cleaning Services today to schedule your free consultation. 

Each job is unique and we provide customized cleaning services for all of our clients. Here is a list of some of our services:

Window Cleaning
Floor Maintenance
Carpet Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning
Trash Maintenance
Pressure Washing
And more…

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