21 Point Basic Cleaning Checklist

All Areas

1. Pole dusting throughout to remove cobwebs and dust
    - High along ceilings
    - Room corners from floor to ceiling
    - Door and window trim
    - Baseboards
2. Feather dust wall hangings, blinds, lamps and other items to remove dust
3. Spray and wipe all horizontal surfaces to remove dust and polish
4. Disinfect doorknobs and high contact areas
5. Vacuum all furniture
6. Empty trash cans
7. Sweep and mop floors (all flooring accessible without moving furniture) 


8. Clean/Degrease/Sanitize cabinet faces
9. Clean/Degrease/Sanitize back splash and counter tops (move all easily moveable items and cleaning under, then replace)
10. Clean/Degrease/Sanitize outside of stove/oven and range hood
11. Clean/Degrease/Sanitize microwave inside and out
12. Clean/Degrease/Sanitize outside of refrigerator
13. Clean/Degrease/Sanitize table and chairs (including table and chair legs)
14. All "All Areas" items 


15. Clean mirrors to streak free
16. Remove all hard water and soap scum on all fixtures
17. Sanitize sinks and cabinets
18. Sanitize toilets
19. Sanitize showers
20. Sweep and mop floors (with a disinfectant cleaner)
21. All "All Areas" Items